Friday, July 12, 2013

Tabitha Park - Author


I wrote a book.

And it's probably my best yet.

I sent it to Ashley, my pen pal Canadian BFF.

Check it out:)

Geo Glitzy Paper Jewels

Saw this
And this

Used Stampin' Up Cardstock, silver glitter from my Ke$ha costume, and crap acrylic yarn.

Instead of taping or knotting the string on the inside of the jewels, I tied the end of the yarn to a square of cardstock with a slit in it. I then slipped it inside the jewel and made sure it would stay secure. Much like how a grappling hook holds.

After I constructed them, I applied a handsome layer of mod podge to one facet per jewel and pressed it into a pile of glitter. Some needed an additional coat of mod podge and glitter.

Yes, there's glitter everywhere.

There's one jewel on each end of yarn, making two jewels per individual strand of yarn. So I looped the yarn across the corner of my blinds and then secured a jewel to both ends of yarn so that they balance each other out with their own weight and are easily transferrable.

I used the same template as listed on The Red Thread blog.
(I may or may not have resized it to make larger jewels to use up more space per sheet of cardstock)
And, ta-da!