Friday, March 1, 2013

My Jam

And no, this has nothing to do with
First of all, I tend to pride myself in my exquisite taste in music.

I've started to post more music on my photography blog.
Don't worry, its the kind you can control. I will not force you to listen to anything. Ever. (that's just messed up)

However, on my photography blog I post songs like:

Plage by Crystal Fighters on Grooveshark
Stars (Hold On) by Youngblood Hawke on Grooveshark
Change by Churchill on Grooveshark

Because, I like people to think I'm awesome:)
and while, yes, that is the music I listen to,
its not the only music I listen to.

According to Spotify,
That's right, folks.
Underneath this epic hipster fa├žade,
Is a raging classic rock monster.

Indulge here for just a minute. You know you wanna.
Ballroom Blitz by Sweet on Grooveshark

Paradise By The Dashboard Lights by Meat Loaf on Grooveshark

Bicycle Race by Queen on Grooveshark

Love Is Only a Feeling by The Darkness on Grooveshark

My signature dance moves are "the finger point"

and the "headbang like no one's business"
But not while I'm driving. That's just unsafe.

Mr. Bojangles