Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Instant Garden Piñata

I'm basically an idea machine. I have lots of good ideas, and they come to me daily. Most of them aren't practical and center around giant carpeted cat obstacle courses and wearing computer parts as jewelry.


this time, it was a really good one.
(I figured I must publicly announce it on my blog
so that Pinterest doesn't swipe it)

When I'm a mom someday,
and I have a whole backyard-ful of kids at my house for So-and-So's future 8th birthday,
We'll have a piñata.

Not just any piñata,
a homemade piñata.

and I'll clear a spot in my future back garden, large enough for all the kids to stand in while they take a swing at the frilly beast.

This piñata will be extra strong to allow enough time for all the kids to have a few bats at it before it starts to split.

this will continue
right up until that beefy kid finally beats the beast open,

and just like on my wedding day,
we'll all be showered
with SEEDS

and I'll cheer the loudest as I brush my hands together and free seeds from my hair
and the kids will be confused, and probably start crying a little.

But don't worry!! I'll cheer them up by saying,
"Thanks so much for helping me plant my garden! Now let's go inside and have gluten-free cake!!!!!!!11"

haha just kidding. It will be the most gluten-filled cake you've ever seen.
So gluten-y its actually bread. But we'll have cake too. and ice cream.

But seriously. Instant Garden Piñata? Virtually no clean up! Literally no cavities!

Best. Idea. Ever.

I digress.