Friday, July 12, 2013

Tabitha Park - Author


I wrote a book.

And it's probably my best yet.

I sent it to Ashley, my pen pal Canadian BFF.

Check it out:)

Geo Glitzy Paper Jewels

Saw this
And this

Used Stampin' Up Cardstock, silver glitter from my Ke$ha costume, and crap acrylic yarn.

Instead of taping or knotting the string on the inside of the jewels, I tied the end of the yarn to a square of cardstock with a slit in it. I then slipped it inside the jewel and made sure it would stay secure. Much like how a grappling hook holds.

After I constructed them, I applied a handsome layer of mod podge to one facet per jewel and pressed it into a pile of glitter. Some needed an additional coat of mod podge and glitter.

Yes, there's glitter everywhere.

There's one jewel on each end of yarn, making two jewels per individual strand of yarn. So I looped the yarn across the corner of my blinds and then secured a jewel to both ends of yarn so that they balance each other out with their own weight and are easily transferrable.

I used the same template as listed on The Red Thread blog.
(I may or may not have resized it to make larger jewels to use up more space per sheet of cardstock)
And, ta-da!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Blue Nile Ethiopian Cuisine Review Debacle

I recently wrote a review on Yelp about my experience at Blue Nile Ethiopian Cuisine.

Synopsis: I don't like Ethiopian food. Not even a little bit.

The owner contacted me and was disheartened by my review and was worried that it would hurt his business.
I, too, have a small business and I know what its like to try to survive in this economy.

He offered to give me a free meal if I would come back and try it again.

I believe in honesty, and honestly?

You couldn't even pay me to go back. So.. what do I do?
Delete my review? edit out all the honest criticism?

I decided to keep my review short and sweet on Yelp, and post how I REALLY feel right here.

Which is this.

"So I'm feeling like a huge outsider among all these rave reviews.

I like to consider myself as someone who enjoys interesting dishes and flavors from around the world. I read nearly every review before I agreed to dine at Blue Nile last month. My health-conscious and ultra-zen yoga instructor friend invited me to join her family and close friends for her birthday here.

The atmosphere was alright, the menu was long and even after I read the descriptions of menu items I still wasn't quite sure what I was getting. There's no pictures at all on there, so luckily I had visited this site and was able to see some user-uploaded pictures so I knew what to expect.

I started off with the equivalent of a samosa. It was a crispy fried meat pocket. The outer shell was the best part, as the meat inside appeared and tasted just like ground beef with some ground water chestnuts and spices. They were nice and hot and fairly spicy. The flavor was not anything to write home about. The meat pockets were fist-sized and PACKED with beef. I wished they had a little more SOMETHING to them or weren't packed quite so tightly. The sauce that is served on the side was too spicy for me.

I ordered the veggie combo in order get the whole Ethiopian experience. What arrived was a gigantic platter with a spongy, bitter, crepe-like tortilla topped with different piles of unrecognizable mush. Actually, I shouldn't say that. I did recognize the bland salad in the middle and the pile of super-soft green beans. The rest was a mystery.

I can honestly say it started out pretty fun swiping blobs of mush from all the different piles and experiencing all the foreign flavors. The fun stopped as I got to the third pile and I began to notice that I didn't really like anything I'd had so far. I went ahead and tried the last couple pureed blobs and was ultimately disappointed. My top three piles were the yellow mush (I think it contained cauliflower or peas), the buttery spinach slop, and those green beans I mentioned earlier.

The girl who sat next to me got the meat combo. She said she enjoyed her food but that it was all very spicy. She said she had wished one of her dishes had been milder so that she could give her mouth a break. I spied a freaky rubbery-looking egg on her plate that came with her chicken. She hadn't touched it. I probably wouldn't have either. 

I was hoping that the crepe bread would be good so I could just snack on that, but it was so disappointing that I literally felt sick toward the end. I packed up my leftovers in a box and brought them home to my husband to see what he thought.

It took me about 40 minutes to leave since the only staff member there was swamped. (She was great and super helpful, but she really needed some help there) My total after tip came to $20 and being a poor college student I felt sick spending that much money just on myself on food that wasn't amazing (or even good at all for that matter)

When I presented it to my husband at the end of the night I explained my interpretation of each of the leftover piles of slog as he tried each one and carefully evaluated the flavors and textures. He maybe gave it five minutes before we agreed that it was terrible and tossed it in the trash.

I guess the most disturbing part was that throughout our meal everyone at the table would ask each other how their food was and they all said it was really good! How could I be the only person who doesn't like this food? I like Thai food, Indian food, sushi, Mexican food, basically anything! I love food! But this stuff? Every time I think about eating it again I literally lose my appetite. 

I'm probably not going to give Ethiopian food another go probably ever, but this place was really really busy, so SOMEBODY likes it, and maybe that somebody is about to be you. Good luck!!"

Friday, March 1, 2013

My Jam

And no, this has nothing to do with
First of all, I tend to pride myself in my exquisite taste in music.

I've started to post more music on my photography blog.
Don't worry, its the kind you can control. I will not force you to listen to anything. Ever. (that's just messed up)

However, on my photography blog I post songs like:

Plage by Crystal Fighters on Grooveshark
Stars (Hold On) by Youngblood Hawke on Grooveshark
Change by Churchill on Grooveshark

Because, I like people to think I'm awesome:)
and while, yes, that is the music I listen to,
its not the only music I listen to.

According to Spotify,
That's right, folks.
Underneath this epic hipster façade,
Is a raging classic rock monster.

Indulge here for just a minute. You know you wanna.
Ballroom Blitz by Sweet on Grooveshark

Paradise By The Dashboard Lights by Meat Loaf on Grooveshark

Bicycle Race by Queen on Grooveshark

Love Is Only a Feeling by The Darkness on Grooveshark

My signature dance moves are "the finger point"

and the "headbang like no one's business"
But not while I'm driving. That's just unsafe.

Mr. Bojangles


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Instant Garden Piñata

I'm basically an idea machine. I have lots of good ideas, and they come to me daily. Most of them aren't practical and center around giant carpeted cat obstacle courses and wearing computer parts as jewelry.


this time, it was a really good one.
(I figured I must publicly announce it on my blog
so that Pinterest doesn't swipe it)

When I'm a mom someday,
and I have a whole backyard-ful of kids at my house for So-and-So's future 8th birthday,
We'll have a piñata.

Not just any piñata,
a homemade piñata.

and I'll clear a spot in my future back garden, large enough for all the kids to stand in while they take a swing at the frilly beast.

This piñata will be extra strong to allow enough time for all the kids to have a few bats at it before it starts to split.

this will continue
right up until that beefy kid finally beats the beast open,

and just like on my wedding day,
we'll all be showered
with SEEDS

and I'll cheer the loudest as I brush my hands together and free seeds from my hair
and the kids will be confused, and probably start crying a little.

But don't worry!! I'll cheer them up by saying,
"Thanks so much for helping me plant my garden! Now let's go inside and have gluten-free cake!!!!!!!11"

haha just kidding. It will be the most gluten-filled cake you've ever seen.
So gluten-y its actually bread. But we'll have cake too. and ice cream.

But seriously. Instant Garden Piñata? Virtually no clean up! Literally no cavities!

Best. Idea. Ever.

I digress.

Sunday, January 27, 2013


My mom hired me to design an invitation to New Beginnings for the Young Women in her ward. She told me she wanted a "treasure" theme, maybe with a treasure chest, gold coins, and stuff like that.

She said the scripture was 3 Nephi 13:19-21.

LOVE that scripture, and let's just say I'm pretty thrilled with how it turned out.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Your biggest error.

Dear everyone,

I'm about to unveil the biggest reason you should NEVER start dieting as your New Year's Resolution.
Oh these?? The limited edition Candy Cane flavored Joe-Joe's?!
No. That's only part of the reason. These aren't even mine. They're my mom's.
So why do I have them? because my mom started dieting.

Let me break this down for you. There's two types of people.
Those who diet for their New Year's Resolution...
and those who get to eat all the snacks left over from Christmas from the people who couldn't eat them fast enough before they started their New Year's Resolution diets.

Also, there's still CARTS full of Christmas candy at Smith's for 75% off to make room for Valentine's day.

Also, EVERYONE diets for the New Year. Listen to your inner hipster, people. Don't squander it!! Be an individual! Decide to do something more bold like EXERCISE or take up KNITTING or become a JUICING CONNOISSEUR.


Taylor: "What does GFWL stand for?"
Me: "Girlfriend. Without Legs."
Taylor: "Oh. Games For Windows Live."


He must have ingested some cray cray pills at Bombay House tonight... He keeps bringing up the possibility of us getting a cat someday. I'd like to hang on to this little aspurration and never let it die.

I have read a bunch of miracle stories about Bengal cats somehow producing less dander and having more hairlike fur than fur which helps tame allergies.

Future cat:

In the meantime, anyone have a Bengal cat my husband can sniff? We are available to cat-sit right meow :)