Wednesday, October 31, 2012

We Make The Hipsters Fall in Love

Welp. Happy Halloween, ya filthy animals.

Last night we were in a rush to find something for Taylor to be for Halloween.
I threw out cheesy ideas like,

"We could draw a P on your shirt and give you a black eye.. and you could go as a Black Eyed Pea!!"
Shot down.
"You could go as a 3-hole-punch version of yourself!"
Shot down.
"You could go as a nerd?"
Shot down. Apparently he already is one.

As I was rapidly running out of ideas I snagged a pair of my jeans and handed them to him and said,
"Try these on"

And in that quiet moment

a hipster was born.

Its kind of a funny thing when you dress up as a hipster for Halloween in jest and then actually run into real hipsters in Downtown Salt Lake.

The funniest part for me about this particular ensemble is that every part of his costume came from my wardrobe. Except his blue vans (not pictured) That is my hobo hat and plaid shirt (gingham, actually) and my black shirt (turned inside out) and my apple sticker from my iPhone, and MY JEANS, my eyeliner (hipstache) and my prescription glasses.

Even funnier is that I wore nearly that same outfit yesterday. Want me to prove it? scroll down.

His friends and coworkers got a pretty big kick outta him at work today. They always make fun of him for having the latest and greatest apple products and being obsessed with computers.

He showed them!

And as for me?

Do you remember what I said about waking up in the morning looking like P. Diddy?
 If you buy your glitter in a parmesan cheese shaker... youuuu might be Ke$ha.
 My nails were totes fab. I painted them with silver sparkly and then used my glitter shaker to sprinkle glitter on the wet polish. I finished it with a dab of mod podge 
(yes, MOD podge. not modge podge like everyone thinks it is) 
and off I went!
It works really well if you never need to wash your hands or do anything practical.
I can tell you this much, between the ridiculous fingernails and 8 rings she usually wears.. this chick is not a knitter.
 I'll let you know how long my scalp stays fabulous.
you know what they say,

Goodnight then!

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