Tuesday, September 25, 2012


As many of you know, Halloween is KINDOF a big deal in the Jordan household.
I'm planning on KEEPING that tradition throughout the Park household
and forever really.

Just to make sure we are on the same page...

(this is as far back as I remember. Just kidding, this is just as far back as I've had a Facebook.
...so yeah. This is as far back as I remember.)
The mermaid.
 Yeahyeah, pretty fancy. I am 16 in this photo and totally hot, right? Yeah. That was a rough year. (and not because I'd just broken up with Nick like... 2 weeks prior. That was nothin') Anyway, my mom sewed my costume I'd say she did... swimmingly!!

I forgot to mention my costumes get progressively better as the years go by. 
The Cavewoman.
Hey! Isn't that Connor Martin under that ridiculous fake beard??? You know it is. I can actually hear the sounds of the waves of my Connor Martin past just rushing past you right now as you view this. You're remembering matching shirts with pockets sewn to them (YES. I DID THAT BEFORE IT WAS COOL) and an Iron Man obsession (metal heart? not true. Sorry to break it to ya.) And just to be sure I give credit where credit is due... I literally sewed our costumes with my bear hands (haha get it? bear? cave? caveman?) at like 2AM with my mom's sewing machine. I even successfully made mine look somewhat hot! and hemmed his a little too high... sincerest apologies..)

I got a few grammy awards for this performance...
The Biebs.
WHAT?! That isn't you... is it??? Yes. That's really me. I'll take a step even more frightening and mention that those clothes actually came from my own closet. So either I dress like a homeless hipster thug... or JB needs to stop shopping at the DI. Baby, oh.

This was just last year! So it requires a few more pictures. And so I can prove that my family is the legittist thing on the planet. My adorable husband stars in this one. By the way I got married last year!
Taylor was an Angry Bird! His mom did the face paint. Like a boss.
My parents were mad scientists. Apropos, really.
 Yeah, my dad did all the special effect makeup, and my mom crocheted her own brain.
 My sister's mummy costume was so legit. They even tea-stained the gauze.
And here's everyone!

Now I bet you're all just on the edge of your seat waiting to hear what I've planned for this year. It's pretty difficult to keep one-upping myself.. but needless to say, it can and will be done.

However, I'm the type-a girl who likes to roam around.
er.. surprise.  I like to surprise. So until Halloween, I'll be posting little snippets of hints and if you can guess correctly in my comments what I'm going to be this year... I'll give you a prize!! I haven't decided what that is yet.. but Taylor says I have too much stuff in this apartment already, so I'm sure I can come up with something. A kumihimo bracelet? Or maybe that cupcake display from the "gifts we don't want but can still wrap and regift when our friends get married" closet.

Here's this week's snippet.

Goodnight then!

PS: if your name is McKenzie, and you're bleaching my hair next month.. you can't guess.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

DIY Paper Halloween Garland -- With Video!!

Hello friends! And welcome back to this week's episode of Martha Stewart whatever.

I've been stoked on this garland for weeks now. Mostly because after making so many little paper globes I've gotten pretty attached. And not just in the way where my fingers get glued to the paper.

I had plans to post my finished product to maybe inspire others out there to follow suit.
I didn't have plans to post the process.
However, once I made 80-something of these I had developed a system. Its quicker, more efficient, and basically a no-brainer. 

So below is a video highlighting my most preferred method of glue-down and such,

and here is a list of supplies!
Let's get crafty!

-Several pages of fabulous Halloween scrapbook paper. I found mine in my mom's Stampin' Up! stash and others from Joann.
-A glue stick. Adhesive tape would work well too. A wet glue that takes a long time to dry is not recommended neither are staples, unless you're going for a steampunk/office look, in which case, more power to ya! (and way less time putting it together, wow!)
-A clean, hard surface.
-A piece of scratch paper to protect said clean hard surface
-A circle paper punch that is 1"- 1.5" Just know that the bigger you go, the less you can get per sheet of paper, but the quicker it reaches its desired length.
-Thread or string to hang paper globes.
-Netflix. This craft takes... a minute...

Here's what it looks like when it does it's thing.

Thanks for humoring me!!
Just a little disclaimer, that was my first video ever with my new camera and I made the mistake of letting YouTube "edit" it for me. Really they just solarized parts of it and enhanced my auto ISO setting. Sweet. I'll work on it ;) Thanks for liking me anyway!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Poinsettia Motif

I'm so excited its almost terrifying.

Last Christmas we were bummin' it in Grandpa's basement and due to the fact that Taylor and I are creatures of the indoors, we didn't get to really experience the holiday season to it's fullest.

I mean,
Don't get me wrong, eating all the chocolate that Grandpa's neighbors brought over was a skate around the rink, but there's something a little more exciting about actually having our own place to celebrate Christmas this year.

Another thing that rocks about this year vs. last, is that we now live on the 3rd floor of an apartment complex in the heart of downtown Salt Lake. Not only will we get to watch the snowfall from our FOUR exterior streetside windows, but Salt Lake does this thing around the holidays called

I mean, have you ever taken a drive down Main around Christmas?? Blue LEDs allll strewn about the trees and light posts.

So great. So so great.

So anyway. I've begged and begged Taylor to let us get some sort of tree this year. Be it, a 10" plastic frosted thing from Walgreens, or a Charlie Brown twig, I don't really care.

I'm just stoked to have something.



Yes. I am going to hand-knit stockings for us.
Big, beefy, fair isle beauties that will hang off the countertop or magnet to the the fridge.

Today I got really excited pinning all sorts of color schemes and motifs from ravelry.

I found a poinsettia motif that I loved so I got to work on charting it out.
 Yeah.. it looks kinda weird, I know. Especially since I couldn't decide on the third color.. so the pattern isn't as distinct. Its easier to visualize if you squint a little...
Yeah.. yeah. it's all coming together now ;)

Anyway. More on this as it progresses.
I'm thinking his will have this color scheme
and mine will be this one
And they'll all have the same underlying color, the creme or light taupe

and then when a little little one comes along.. I can just knit one up out of these colors
or these

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

9/18/12 - A year ago today

When I saw what today's picture would be I was so excited to compose this post.

This is one of the many times last year when Taylor and I walked to the Hawaiian ice shack by Grandpa's to get snow cones :)

I had just borrowed the Lensbaby from a friend and took it out officially for a spin
(bahaha no pun intended)

Here's Taylor feeding some of his slush to Pretty.
Best photo ever.
I don't know if its because it contains two of my most favorite souls in it, or if it just gives me hope that someday we might own a cat of our own (despite complications)

But here's a pretty solid runner-up. This one was taken on Sunday while we were watching KStew and the Huntsman.
Dawwwwwwwww'uhhhhh That's us holding hands and cuddling with Kai-kins!! my best cat!

Speaking of my best cats, check out these sassy folk!
My Magnificent Snow Leopards!! Here's a shot of all of us before the race.
yes. Please enlarge.
That's Josh and Bethany, yours truly, my mom, my aunt, and my cousin. ON THE PROWL.
 Here's a shot of after. This one's just blood. Unless you count Bethany's finger in the corner.
Here's my ragin' sunglasses lines. The great thing about wearing so much color on my face is
a) It covers up the fact that I didn't wear any makeup
b) It makes my teeth just so shiny shiny!

Here's some pictures of me with my cats. They had some thorough kissins.
That's Fat Fat. She always makes that face...

and here's right before my shower. After I saw how lovely and voluminous the corn starch made my hair look I seriously considered leaving it.

Then I sniffed myself.
 PS: if you're curious about how I got my Snow Leopard spots so sasstastic, I made a few potato stamps. It was a party. You'll have to beg to be on our team next year. There will be cat ears and whiskers. Just sayin.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Long hair, don't care.

I have never really thought about it before, but I'm pretty sure that phrase directly translates to
I have long hair
&I don't do it anymore.

 Also. I've been knitting like crazy lately. A cabled alpaca cowl that will feel delicious around my neck. I'll post the pattern here and on Ravelry when I'm all done. And pictures. All that good stuff.

I'm running a 5k in the morning. Its the Salt Lake Color Run!! I think the best part, is that I get to spend the night at my mom's with my cats.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my husband. I love snugglin and waking up next to him in the morning,

but caaaaaaats :)

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


I go to work Mondays and Wednesdays from 9-3:30. Then I pick up Taylor from work at 4.
Then I eat for two seconds and edit photos. Then, if I feel like I have been productive enough for one day, I knit a few rows, do my homework, and watch an episode or two of Gossip Girl.

I go to school Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10-4:30. Then sometimes I get to go to knit night til 7.
Then I go home, eat for two seconds and edit photos. Then, if I feel like I have been productive enough for one day, I do the dishes, and the laundry, and watch an episode or two of Gossip Girl.

Friday is a toss-up. Sometimes I have an all day ceremony and reception, sometimes its just an engagement session. Sometimes I go into work to help pay for the $17k car we just bought.

Feelin pretty good.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

9/1/11 - A year ago today

So I have this software that I use to edit all of my pictures. I love it!
It categorizes all my shoots by date and keeps everything organized for me.

I got curious today.. I haven't been a "legit" photographer for very long, and I was curious to see when my first official paid shoot was.

I got caught up in all the amazing pictures I had taken last year for fun.

There were so many! I saw the time I went to the hot air balloon festival, and all the times Taylor and I got snow cones at grandpa's and a ton of school projects from my first semester at SLCC.

So neat! Like my own personal time capsule.

My mom got me this book for my birthday, maybe you've seen it?
I love it!! And I kinda break the rules by writing MORE THAN one line. I'm sure I'll be glad for it next year.

Anyway. So I'm sure you're all wondering what I was doing last year today? Maybe what I looked like?

How's this:

Here's one of Taylor's computer boxes I used as a prop at school. We were learning about how to properly light a cube. If you'll notice the side lighting (that is one single strobe) and we positioned it at such an angle as to create three different shades of shadow or light to help define the box's shape. Pretty cool! Then we(I) just modeled for a minute :P

Don't worry. I still got it. ;)

Today was a good day. Taylor and I helped pack up a little bit at his parent's house for their move at the end of the month. Then we had pizza! Then we drove home and fell asleep reading our biology textbook. Something about macronutrients and hydrogenation.

Then when I finally woke up from my nap, we decided we weren't super hungry for dinner so we went to McDonald's and got sundaes instead. We drove home in the rain and ate them while watching Mean Girls.

By the way, Mean Girls is now streaming on Netflix! Just fyi.

Also, he loved it. Good day.

See you in the morning for our weekly Q&A?

Goodnight then!