Monday, June 18, 2012


I failed to mention last night
that Taylor and I are adorable.

See for yourself!

I also forgot to give a little shout out to my cute dad for Father's Day.

Something he said to me a little while ago has kinda been on my mind lately.

He asked if I still took pictures for fun, or if I only do it for money now.

Ouch. My biggest fan, reminding me how corporate mainstream I'm getting.
So much for an indie label I guess.

Two Christmasses ago I was going through a dusty XEROX box of my Dad's old prints and slides.
It was then that I realized just how genetically awesome I am.

My Father-in-law, Dave, just got a scanner for slides and film. and I think my next project might be for Dad. I'd love it if I could find a really neat, artistic slide to enlarge, edit, print, and frame.

I'd like his work up in my apartment, to remind me that photography can be for fun sometimes too.

I've been inching back into it. Taking pictures of fun things I cook and make.

Sometime when I'm not swamped with engagements and weddings I'll share a little recipe or two.

It'll be good. Trust me.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

One Down, Eternity To Go.

As I reflect upon this past year of marriage I start to consider everything I have to be grateful for, and the many things I have learned, not only of myself, but of my role as a wife.

Or something like that.

Yup, its true. Today's the long-anticipated anniversary.
Today is the first day of the second year of our marriage.

Shockingly, it all flew by rather quickly!

We celebrated yesterday with a long, adventurous day together
beginning with waffles and ending with s-
steak. Ending with steak.

This morning we started with a smoothie + Killer Dave's bread, and ended the day with..
well, It appears a meager blog post and some headphones in Ventrilo.

Can I be honest with you?

I really really really wish I was watching my show right now.

I have one episode left of the third season of Drop Dead Diva.
That's my hobby.

I edit photos all day long til I want to shoot myself,
and then I pick up Taylor from work. We enjoy a nice dinner,
and he plays video games while I watch Netflix.

That's just what we do!

I also knit while I watch. So far I've knit a baby sweater and a half!
(I only have the sleeves remaining on that second one)

Sometimes I really want a baby.
Sometimes I'm okay.

IN SHORT. Instead of doing what I want to be doing...

I'm blogging :/

That's right posterity. Look at me go. Thinkin' a you.

I'm actually very very excited for tomorrow.
The Grow's are having us over for dinner and we're going swimming after!!
and they have a hot tub!!

So stoked.

And not gonna like, Bethany's like my only friend.

I'm kind of like, one of those people that doesn't really care if I have a close girl friend or not.
I've had best friends all throughout my teenage years,
but after I got engaged, things just didn't continue that way.

My new best friend became my husband, and as lonely as it sounds I haven't really felt like I've needed anyone else.

Girls are drama. Boys are bad news.

I have my mom, and my husband, and I guess my clients..?

And frankly? I'm doing good!!

Don't let me forget to tell you about my "condition"
my hipster condition.

IN SHORT SHORTS, I like Bethany

bahahah that's not what it sounds like.

I just mean, even though she's a girl, and even though I'm CLEARLY doing juuuuuust fine without one,
Bethany seems like a pretty good friend.
Maybe even my second-best friend.
(Taylor clearly leading as best)

Yeah. That's pretty bold, but let's run with it.

I formally deem Bethany Grow to be my second-best friend.

And that's all I have for you.

Goodnight and Good Luck.