Thursday, May 17, 2012

If you feel strange, you probably are strange. and if you are strange, don't you change.

Its starting to cool down today with a nice breeze

Kind of a bummer.. cause now I need to open the windows to get our apartment to vent.

Which means I have to put pants on.

Not that I'm even in anyone's crosshairs.
I mean, we're on the third floor
in our adorable downtown apartment.

Frankly the only people who may have a half-decent view of my hot shame is the two guys across the balcony in the complex next door.

But between you and me, they seem to be pretty into each other.
The only cat-calling I'd get is,
"Girl, I LOVE what you've done with your hair!"
"Hey! Did you catch Glee last week? Waiting for the finale is KILLING US!"

I hate to say this, but..

I really like that new Bieber song, Boyfriend.

I'm the world's greatest sucker for falsetto.

Thing is,

Taylor can't stand it.

So I have to listen to it in secret.

I even take headphones to work
so that when my cute coworkers walk past my desk they don't think I'm a total sellout.

My little sister was right.

Biebs is rockin.

Welp. I have three seniors waiting for their discs.

and I'm waiting for a package from Tennessee.


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Bonnie and Clyde

Heather dyed my hair last night!
Together we watched 1000 ways to die until we couldn't handle the grossness and then watched some Rob Dyrdek Ridiculousness.
It was a charming little time.

She has the planet's cutest chiuahauah
(yes, that's how you spell it)

And she did a great job on my hair!!

Check it.
Being blonde again is like a breath of fresh air.
And the purple is delicious in the sun.

I may have her lift it up a few steps and then purple it again. That way it's a little more vibrant.
Its actually fuchsia by the way.

I'm excited for dinner tonight.

Everyday I ask Taylor what he wants for dinner and every time he says,

We decided instead of hanging out in the oven all night we'd go down to sandy and get some
Outback Steakhouse.

We have about $5 on our gift card, and I have a package at grandpa's that apparently needed more postage. So that's settled

Quick story,
a few weeks ago our friends The Grows invited us over for some yummy yummy dinner.
Bethany is an awesome cook, and shockingly so is Josh.

They made this saucy chicken bake with crushed ritz crackers + butter as the topping.

After we ate that she made us this wonderful lemon raspberry delicious pie.

and then we played phase 10.

Now, as you know I'm not much of a bragger.
But Taylor and I are seasoned bosses at that game.

We were sitting next to each other on the couch at about phase 3 or 4 when we realized we had really crappy hands.

I peered over and saw that Taylor had doubles of the card I needed. Surely he could spare one of them.

I also noticed, I had a card he could use.

I gently nudged him and gestured toward the card.
Instantly he knew what I was thinking and we initiated a quick swap while Bethany and Josh were preoccupied.

INSTANTLY we hear an angry duet of,

Rats. They saw. They accosted us of cheating and insisted that we play fair and trade back.

As if by some miraculous gesture we simultaneously pretend to hand back the other's card while actually still keeping it.

Poker faced. No prior communication whatsoever.

It was buttery. Seamless.... and all of a sudden,

We burst out laughing. They still caught us! But that was alright because the whole spectacle simply reaffirmed how ridiculously perfect we are for each other.

awwwwyeahh :)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Baby Hungry

I can already feel your judgmental stares.
I already checked on WebMD,
These feelings are normal.
and they were worsened at Sam's wedding.

Everywhere I turned there were BABIES.
young, new moms with their cute dresses, and cute sandals and cute babies with cute headbands and cute ruffled rompers.

bahh, I wanna be cute!!

I can pretend they don't cry or throw up or stink most of the time.
I can pretend there won't be blood and gore and crazy hospital bills.

Shoot.. I forgot about the hospital bills...

Taylor's pretty good with our money. Which means,
most of the time I feel guilty spending any of it...

Because I am the reason we're still in debt.

Stinkin' Art Institute.

I have a year and next summer before I finish at SLCC and get my Associate's.

Then I will have a paper that says I'm good for something and we can focus on getting Taylor through the U.

And... start a family :)

Being a photographer really is the best gig.

I can be a mom, and a fabulous photographer at the same time!

"Here Mom, take my kid for 2 hours. I have a shoot. Love ya!"

Something else I realized at Sam's wedding,

Everyone and their dog,
literally their dog,
has a more expensive camera than I do.

totes awk. Especially when they notice.

I can say,
"A great painter can paint with his fingers"
all I want,
but there comes a point when his clients start to want brush strokes.
They might want it quicker, or neater.

and the painter might say,
"I am doing the best I can with what I've got."

and the clients might say,
"We've decided to go a different direction with our photographer.."
"It will just be easier if we hire someone else.."
"We have this family friend with a nice camera. We'll just have him take the pictures."

and the painter is discouraged.
and doubtful.
and decides he needs a paintbrush.
Too bad they cost $1200.

everyone knows artists are poor.

Love, Tab.

PS: Its time to make some pity cookies.