Friday, March 2, 2012

My iphone

Last Christmas my husband bought me an iphone.

I absolutely love everything about it.

Call me a sellout, call me a hipster, whatever.

There's this curious thing about iphones -- Iphone owners to be precise.

No matter what context, it's always called an "iphone" instead of just a phone.

"Babe, will you call my iphone, I can't find it"

"I downloaded this HILARIOUS app on my iphone"

"Yeah, I dunno why it isn't working, babe. Here, use my iphone"

I play all the word games zynga makes, I have a few different photography/photo editing apps, the gospel library, dropbox, pinterest, and bouncy seed.

I love the thing.

Really bad segway,

I'm pretty jealous of Bethany's blog.

She just married her best friend, Josh and they are so dang cute together. She blogs about all the yummy dinners they make together and always calls him "Mr. Grow."

I could just die! I want a blog as cute as that!

Taylor hates the idea of me posting something like,

"My HuBbiE wAs the UltiMatE BeSt TooNigHt!! He LovVEs Me SOooO muCH and I aM so GlaD I haVe hIM1!!! I am sOOOooOo LuckYE!!!!!"
on facebook.

He would be so embarrassed. And not the good kind.

But I still like to reminisce of the good times we've had together...
and what better place to do that than my own blog! This blog that I apparently just use to write sassy posts about all the hilarious or frustrating things grandpa does.

So here's bringing it full circle,

A series of my iphone's greatest hits photos.

You only get since Christmas.
I know, tough maracas.


The first picture ever taken on my iphone. Forgot I had those girly clips in my hair.

Some cupcakes I made. Fail frosting. Those totally look like turds.

Best cereal EVER.

Feelin' Canadian, eh?

Poutine was okay. But not our favorite.

The Christmas cookies Kassandra brought over. That's an armadillo robber, and lobsters. She also got us a gift card to our favorite sushi place, Mikado!

The cool spiky frost on our tree.

The gloves I knit for Maud that took a bajillion years.

The credit card I shredded for Taylor.

My Christmas bonus! Booyah.

The lighthouse and animal corral we made at Kassandra's.

The awkward cheese grater spanish.

The moose I knit at Christmas time.

The Kelly Moore leather camera bag I got for Christmas :)

Sometimes I knit scarves.

Sometimes the turd cupcakes start to mold because they didn't taste good.

The cool medicine cup shadow.

Taylor's temple vein.

The sky on fire.

Sometimes Taylor eagerly helps me take pictures of all my knitted stuff.

Three Wishes, almost all gone!

Orville being sassy.

My marbellous nails.

Sometimes I put tassels on my scarves.

Three wishes all empty! The end of a wondrous 6 years.

Homemade frozen burritos :)

Grandpa's "cough drops"

The bratty cat that only likes me for my grass.

Rainbow Pringles on New Year's Eve.

My two favorite boys, doing what they do best.

Giving Kassandra the scarf for Christmas :) It looks so good on her.

We're lazy & we know it.

Sometimes I text pictures of squirrels to my little brother when he sends me dumb 1 word texts like, "K"

At work I use copy paper as a plate. Class-A

Well this has never happened to me before..

Sometimes we get delicious blood oranges :)

Sometimes Pretty helps me get the mail.

Sometimes we make THIS for dinner :)

Sometimes I put together a Scandinavian spinning wheel with my bare hands.

Breakfast burrito fixins.

Sometimes my brain sends subliminal messages through my word games.

Sometimes we get free ice cream by asking our waitress at Outback if they celebrate half birthdays.

Breaking dawn was $3 at D.I. What a sad, but predictable fate.

I love this little boy.

Sometimes the sugar from the food storage room is hard as a rock and has mold on it. It was canned in 1996. WHEN I WAS 4.

Sometimes Mom makes milky mac when I come home :)

Sometimes the scooter store thinks my husband is 85.

Sometimes I try to clean glitter paint off of grandpa's fake leather pool table cover with acetone. It does even worse things than the glitter paint.

This is a popcorn kernel hull. It was stuck between two of my back teeth for about three days. I had flossed a million times and even worried that my root canal had gone bad. Getting this thing loose with my fingernail was probably the most satisfying moments of my month.

Sometimes I make really cute wood crafts.

Sometimes my husband buys shirts that actually fit him. For only $15.

Sometimes the water droplets look like braille.

Sometimes we go to Mikado and instantly our life improves.

Sometimes Pretty tries to let me kidnap her for reals. She is begging.

My aunt has THE MOST gigantic cats I have ever seen.

Sometimes I take Valentine's day rooster cookies to work because I don't actually have a heart shaped cookie cutter.

Sometimes I scan and shred 8.5 billion documents.

Sometimes Hello Kitty forgets to wear waterproof mascara.

Sometimes Taylor gets me THIS for valentine's day :)

Sometimes he looks really cute after Fab Ab February.

Sometimes we celebrate 8 months of marriage by getting caramel sundaes at McD's.

Sometimes Taylor scrapes a foot of snow off our car before church.

Sometimes I make really pretty yarn on my wheel.

Sometimes Justin Bieber looks like Rob Schneider.

Sometimes we buy a 46" LED 3D TV :)

Sometimes I do my hair in FaceTime.

Sometimes we celebrate paying off $15,000 of my student debt by buying a sectional sofa and taking it to his parent's storage unit.

And sometimes he lets me ride the cart :)

Sometimes my husband looks dang attractive when we cuddle.

Sometimes I get 2 loaves of bread at the Sara Lee Outlet store for only 75 cents.

Sometimes I do my calligraphy homework. That's uncial. Looks like Lord of the Rings, huh?

Sometimes I do the shop hop with Mom and Brenna and consider knitting myself a thousand cats.

So that's pretty much it!

Tomorrow I have a consultation, an engagement session with Garrett and Chellcee, and a double date with Dennis and Kayla.

Party on :)