Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Shrieking Eel Scarf

So.. I designed a knitting pattern!

I wanted to knit something beautiful for a beautiful friend of mine, and there wasn't anything that I could find that would be good and unique enough for her. So I made this :)


Shrieking Eel Scarf

Friday, February 10, 2012

I Think I Love You

Hi. Rageous.

That about describes my madness at this moment.

Here is a cute little story called, "this morning."

I wake up, next to my adorable husband. We got to bed late last night because we had to finish The Count of Monte Cristo. WHICHWASSOGOOD.

We missed the usual train and the late train and I had to drive him downtown.

We didn't listen to our usual Radio From Hell, because Bill announced that Dottie Whatever would be coming in soon.

We don't really like her. and I think she's secretly a dude. Just saying.

Anyway, I dropped him off and drove home and decided to clean my entire car.

"Cleaning" by this standard simply meant throwing all the trash away finally.

I went inside and began working on Alexx's wedding invitation.

I have started to listen to audiobooks because Pandora told me, during an ad, that Audible.com was really great. So I clicked on the link and started my 30 day trial.

I downloaded a really tasteful book called, "The Fault in Our Stars" by John Green.


My account had randomly been granted an extra credit so I searched and searched til I settled on a book called,

"Drinking Skanks in High School Meets Groundhog Day"

Oh.. Whoops. That's not the title, that's my review. The title is, "When I Fall"

The narrator has a very broad range of voices but most of them sound drunk or squealy.

I don't know what target audience this book has because it is about high school seniors with a social life I never would have participated in. I feel like I'm sinning just listening to it.

Worst part is, I paid A WHOLE FREE CREDIT FOR IT, so I'm gonna listen to the entire thing, dangit.

Okay so then I started to notice the time and barely convince myself to shower so my hair could dry during english chat at 11.

a few procratinates later,

Its 11:02 and I'm opening my chat wizard. I watch a few students announce their existence with an unnecessary "Hello!!:)" as I trot to the bathroom to start my shower. Clever girl.

I showered for about 10 minutes or so, then I dry off and get dressed.

I sit down at my computer with my make-up, ready to apply it using facetime when I start to catch up on chat.

Great. It looks like they've just been talking about Superbowl commercials the entire time I showered.

Let the knowledge begin.

I watch more chat messages appear as they interact without me and I chip my nail polish off and eat apples and cheese.

then all of a sudden,

chat stops. Is it just me? No one is being annoying and it has been 2 minutes. Should I say something...

Is it me?

and then,

"Chat disconnected. Attempting to reconnect......"

I watch that for about 5 minutes when I notice my wi-fi rainbow is dead. What?

I turn off my airport, and turn it on again and it searches.... la di da....

And nothing.

A window pops up asking if I want to connect to the neighbor's internet and I'm confused.

I quiet and hear some rumbling upstairs.


I shoot a frantic text to Taylor whining about how grandpa probably unplugged the router or something and now I'll fail chat and my life will be over.

And he calls.

He walks me through what the router should look like and asks if any lights are on.

There are none.

He tells me to track the power plug to the wall and make sure it is plugged in. I find a plug laying on the desk with the word "NETGEAR" on it.


"Its not plugged in. I found it. But both his powerstrips are BURSTING with preexisting plugs and there's literally NOWHERE to stick this thing.

I finally unplug the unnecessary house phone and jam the router plug in.

and Taylor said, "let there be lights"

and there was.

(not really) (I mean, there was lights, but he didn't comment)

He remotely connected through his own computer and told me that it was working.

I thanked him profusely and scurried downstairs to sign into chat again.

I connected and it was just Kim and I.

She asked if I was here for the 1:00 chat. I tapped out that my grandpa had unplugged our router and I was offline for about 15 minutes.

She probably said something back,

but Wimba crapped out on me and I just said, "Screw it."

I wrote her a quick message about the situation and how my peer review partners are less than ideal...

I noticed Taylor remote in again on his computer and open Spotify. Moments later I hear, "I think I Love you" by The Partridge Family.

I sure do love him. He's so nerdy, its the best.

and here I sit.

I'm going to do my make-up and BS my hair, so I can go eat quiche like a boss with my mom and my aunt.


ANDPS: Erin is coming over today to make Chicken Tikka Masala for Taylor and I.

Could my life get any better?? I submit, that it cannot.