Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Jordan just came over to watch a western with Grandpa.

She and I were chatting before he came out of the restroom, mostly just about clients that don't pay you and continue to demand work from you and contracts and fun stuff like that.

I was preparing to make a box of Pasta Roni for Taylor and I when grandpa came out.

"We have... Jordan Nicole... and.. Tamara Whatever!"

Oh yes. He went there.

"I, uh, I don't know your middle name Tamatha.."

Jordan: "It's Tabitha Jane, Grandpa"

"Oh, Tabitha Jane."


They're in watching their movie now, and it sounds like they're having a good time.
I was in the kitchen when grandpa asked her if she'd like a drink...

"Yeah, some water sounds great!"

"Would you like some punch? I have some punch."

"No, I'll just have water, thanks though!"

"Its Crystal Light, its real good."

"Water is good."

Taylor and I are going to the temple soon. I'm pretty excited, it's so peaceful there :)



I made this today. A friend posted this quote on FB and I wanted to hang it up in my office at work... but it wasn't very cute...

fixed it.

I forgot to mention the lunchable travesty.

Once upon a time, Grandpa's daughter Leslie took him to the grocery store to buy lunchables.

This was an awesome idea because he can just take them to the temple with him without having to prepare anything!

He told us there were several, but we didn't see any in the fridge.. until the next day.

Well, two nights ago we discovered a sub sandwich lunchable in the drawer with the dried fruit. We calmly explained that cheese and turkey goes bad if you don't put it in the fridge, and he proceeded to tell us that we could just eat it instead. (we ate the cookies)

Last night, upon pulling the entire drawer out we discovered three more in the back. We tossed 'em. :/

Should we buy him more? What do we say to him?

Taylor and I agreed that getting old would be hard.

Let's get lost

This morning I made taylor a tuna sandwich. I also cut up an apple for him and put some spicy triscuits with it. He had toast and yogurt for breakfast. We like to think we eat pretty healthfully.

We went out the door to drop him off at trax, and despite the possibility of arriving on time, the dumb arrow at 7720 screwed us over again. He was running toward the train, and it took off without him. (the whole scenario seemed to happen in slow motion) (almost as good as the time he made the train but had to get off cause as he jumped out of the car he dropped his tie on the street)

I drove him downtown and we listened to X96. It's actually the best time to listen because they do "Boner of the Day." Boner means mistake.

Today the second candidate was a cleaning lady at an art museum who scrubbed down a million dollar art piece from Germany because she thought it looked dirty. Makes my stomach lurch just thinking about it.

I just got home and I looked around the kitchen for something to have for breakfast. I spotted the carton of eggs in the fridge and decided to make myself some dunky ones since Taylor won't eat them that way.

I saw the egg pan on the stove...

I took it over to the sink to scrub it down and I thought,

"This is not my job."

So I put it back. And decided not to have eggs for breakfast.

I decided I'd look and see if any of the cereals in the swirly cupboard were either A) not stale or B) not from the 90's..

We had a grand total of Wheat Chex, Grape Nuts, and Blueberry Special K. all stale.

I spotted a few
of oatmeal

and identified the BEST BY date on the flap of each box.

Six boxes expired in 2004, one expired in 2002, and the last one expired in 2008.

I almost trusted that last one before I realized that breakfast is for squares.

I registered for Spring Semester at SLCC last night. Kind of excited for that.

I have tons of homework due tomorrow that I just remembered about.

One of my assignments is to do an artist research report on someone non-photographic. Everyone in class is picking Georgia O'Keefe or that dude with the scrubbed down sculpture from Germany.

I'm picking Dr. Seuss.

Did you know that he never actually had any children of his own? He would always say,
"You have 'em, I'll entertain 'em."

Something else, none of his books were ever awarded a Caldecott or Newbury award. One was nominated, but that's it. Despite this fact: his books are still outselling the majority of newly published children's books.

His quote, "A person's a person, no matter how small" in its original context is completely unrelated to abortion issues.

I'm excited for this assignment. :)

I just heard Grandpa scrub the egg pan upstairs...

I think I'll have breakfast.

PS: Here's a halloween photo for the road.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Parent Trap

Today grandpa and I were standing in the kitchen chit-chatting and he was putting the potato chips he didn't eat back into the bag for us to eat later while I was making rolls for dinner.

"Hey Grandpa, What's the glycemic index for potato chips??"

He looked it up and proceeded to inform me that it was only 54. Which means he can pretty much eat as many as he wants. Touche.

"What movie are you watching in there?"

"Oh, uh, The Parent Trap!"

"Oh yeah? The one with Lindsey Lohan?"

"No, its Leslie LouAnn."


"Yeah, I really like those happy endings!"

and that's where the conversation dropped off..

I guess I just didn't have the heart to tell him about Leslie LouAnn's happy ending..

Enjoy your night!!