Monday, October 31, 2011


Today I stood in the kitchen and helped grandpa put away groceries.

"I always leave that place spending a lot more than I plan on!"

"Yep. Harmons has tasty tasty food!"

Taylor and I have sanctioned off a drawer in the fridge and dedicated it solely to our own food. Grandpa still uses this drawer as vegetable storage.

"These potatoes are vegetables... so they go in the vegetable drawer"

"I think potatoes are a starch. A root actually... Not a vegetable."

"Well in High School we were taught that they were vegetables."


He bought this really gorgeous baguette. Taylor and I love baguette. Thing is, Grandpa will never eat it right away. When its at its peak. He waits til its about the consistency of a cinderblock, then puts it in a used ziplock and it gets squishy and tastes like the last molding bread hermit that was in there.

He bought this really gorgeous baguette today... and cast it aside when he remembered he also bought a bread mix.

"Y'know, I bought this bread mix. It makes really great homemade bread"

"Oh wow, we'll have to make that sometime."

"Its really easy and doesn't take long at all. The breadmaker does all the mixing for you!"

"Oh, well I would tonight, but I have so much work to do, I have to edit all the photos for a wedding a shot"

"Well it takes no time at all.. You mix warm water... and butter or margarine or oil... and you put in some yeast... Oh boy, I didn't know about the yeast. I'm sure we have some around here somewhere... but you put all the ingredients in.. with the warm water and the breadmaker does all the rest!"


"Well I think I'll go ahead and make it then! Warm bread is much better than bread already cooked! :)"

Taylor and I carved a pumpkin last night.
Adorable, I know!

And, as of 5 minutes ago we just got our first trick-or-treaters!!
It was taylor's cousins.
They got here at 8:10.

Grandpa was right when he said no one ever came.

Happy Halloween!!