Saturday, February 26, 2011


I've been having a lot of vivid dreams lately. mostly weird ones where I'm the host of some crooked parasite. last night it took place on a mountainous shelf overlooking the valley. Paula and I were laying on the grass together near a picnic table. I rolled over to get a better view and I saw, laying in a crumpled mess, what looked like the remains of a giant dead grasshopper. I turned my head to adjust my view and I felt something in my hair. I reached into the hollow by my neck and discovered a thick, alien something had attached it's tentacle-like cocoon to my neck. I couldn't see it, only feel it's dense, limp mass dangle into my nest of hair. I remember yelping and begging Paul to tell me what it was. She squirmed as she turned away again announcing that what I had been infected by, was in fact, a spider sac. a giant fleshy egg sac. I began tearing it off in meaty portions, discarding the slimy chunks of tentacle and alabaster spider eggs. hundreds of them. I still couldn't see it, only touch.. I got up and darted to a bathroom with a mirror. there were two cavities on my skin. one at the host site, and the other by my jaw on my face. I discovered that if I pinched around the hole, more boba-sized eggs would pop out. that's pretty much the extent of it. I looked at flowers online today. I want my wedding flowers to be leaves, with succulents, or kale, or diamond dusty miller, or flowering cabbage. earthy tones. then with peacock feathers thrown in to compliment. I want my flowers to be a salad, it turns out. bouquet of broccoli. the crook in my arm is neither itchy or sore, but its driving me completely crazy.
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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Taylor William Park

Do I believe that every person has a soul mate?

not just no, but
heck no.

I believe,
that with work, persistence, and optimism,
any one person
can be another person's person.

I have a person.
and we're getting married.

When your parents tell you,
"Honestly, you end up marrying your best friend"

They're absolutely right.

Taylor Park is my best friend,
and THIS JUNE, he'll be my eternal companion,
my husband,
my other half.

You don't find your soul mate,
You make your soul mate.


I like to think I'm marginally practical.
More so than most.

I like to think I'm mature for my age.

Since this is my first post on my new blog, I feel inclined to explain it a little.

High school is something.
growing up is something else.

Right now? I'm taking on new responsibilities, new tasks, new experiences.

I have a broader perspective, a clearer sight of forever, and eleven diamonds on my finger.

This is for real.

This is a new chapter in my life.
I titled my blog, "Chapter Something"
because firstly, it sounded kinda catchy,
and secondly, I was too lazy to sanction out a bracket of life chunks, and assign each one a number.

I would love to read a blog about things my mom was thinking through each step of her young adult life.
You could say this is for my future children,
who may or may not care,
and who may or may not be red-headed.

Not sure.

Here it goes.


I love Taylor Park.

When you know, you know.

He served a full-time LDS mission,
and I wrote him from the beginning.

Cause I said I would.

Smartest. Move. I've ever made.

Not just because I knew it would put me as automatic default favorite,
and first dating priority when he came home,
but maybe because in each of my letters
I encrypted instructions
for how to win me over.

I went into gruesome detail about all the boys who couldn't read my mind,
all the mistakes I didn't tell them they made,
all the bad habits I let slide,
and all the careless moves they didn't think I saw
that later led me to my daddy's arms in heart-wrenching sobs of self-worthlessness.

He would always say I was the best girl he'd ever met,
and that I always deserved more than I settled for.

He made a point to assure me that greater things would come to pass,
and since the day he stepped off the plane,
he's kept that promise.

Day one: He hugged me at the airport even though he technically wasn't allowed to.
he said, "I've missed you so much." and something changed then.
Day nine: We held hands as he drove us around in his dad's car. We decided to be together, and he kissed me, even though he knew he'd be bad at it. I told him, "We'll work on it ;)"
Day fifty-four: I was having a miserable night, and he came over and just laid by me and scratched my back as we talked about the future. He said, "So.. Is this just for fun, or are we playing for keeps?" We decided then, that we should be married.
Day sixty: We came out on facebook and announced to the world we were engaged to be married.
Day sixty-three: The ring arrived, and he proposed to me in front of the Draper, Utah temple. On his knee and everything.

That's how many days, hours, minutes and seconds til we're sealed for eternity.

I am so blessed.
so grateful,
and so lucky.

Things are the best they've ever been for quite some time.

"I'd write a limerick about her, but not a lot of things rhyme with Draper..."